Fairy Doors

Their once was a fairy named Carry Micflary,

Who wanted to get dairy,

For the fairy he wanted to marry,

She said no you’re to hairy,

And I hate dairy,

I don’t want to marry,

Somebody that hairy,

I’m going to a quarry,

To get married,

To somebody less hairy,

She jumped on a ferry,

To get to the fairy she wanted to marry,

When she went away,

He said I wish I could marry some dairy,

Less high Maintenance!


Hope you liked my poem!


Pic made by me.

Rotational Art



Do you know what a rotation is? Well if you don’t than today you are gowing to learn what is! Rotations are when somthing is rotated around a certain point on an objected.  In this picture the object is the turtles tails. Can  you see where they conect thats called a vertex.

This is my Rotational art hope you like it!







Pic by Escher

My Dog Kenai


                                                              Mans Best friend

Have any of you had a pet that has had a major surgery?  My dog, an Australian Shepherd mix, named Kenai, had a torn ACL (that’s a large tendon in the knee).  It was almost completely severed, with no possibility of healing, so she had surgery to (hopefully) fix it.  It was a very stressful time for my family and I.  First of all, the surgery my dog needed, could not be done in the Comox Valley.  We had to travel to Victoria to have it done.  That is a 3 hour drive one way, for any of you that are not familiar with Vancouver Island.  Secondly, my dog ended up with an esophageal burn from having the tube down her throat and laying on her side for too long.  So then, she had to take medicine to stop her from throwing up.  Almost two months have passed, and Kenai is just starting to use her leg a little bit again.  The recovery process is almost 6 full months!  She can’t go outside, even in her own yard, without being on a leash, and she can only walk very slowly for short periods of time.  I sure hope that she recovers fully!

Have you ever had a pet with a massive surgery done on him/her? If so, would you leave a comment telling me about what you had to do to make sure your pet recovered fully?

Pic By WillamMarlow

Failure Quote


"Failure is success if we learn from it." ~Malcom S. Forbes.



                     “Failure is success if we learn from it” Malcom S. Forbes

Do you agree with this quotation? I sure do! I think it means that even if you fail, if you have learned from your mistake then you didn’t fail, you made a mistake that in the end you learned a lesson from. So, what you might think is a  failure is really a chance to learn. In the end it is a success because next time you will know how to avoid that mistake.

I think this quotations relates to me because when I am playing soccer and I make a mistake I don’ t see it as a failure. I see it as a chance to learn more and learn a different way to do the trick or move to make it harder for the other team to get the ball from me. It gives me a chance to learn how I can prevent that mistake from happening again.

Do you like this quotations? Do you know of  any other good quotations that mean a lot?

Pic by Alex E. Proimos

Patrick Kane’s Super Score!

Did you see the All Star Break Away Challenge? If you did then you probably saw Patrick Kane’s super score. I thought it was pretty sweet! I really liked his costume. How did he ever think of doing that? He dressed up like Superman, and then he scored from on his stomach! If you haven’t seen Patrick Kane’s super score then I invite you to watch the video. Or, if you have seen it and you want to refresh your memory, sit back, relax, and enjoy.


I can’t believe how he scored on the goalie! It was amazing because he was on his stomach and somehow he managed to slip the puck right past the goalie’s pads! I really liked his creativity. I bet he had to practice that move a couple times before he used it, so he could make sure he did  it perfectly when it really counted. I really enjoyed watching this video. I hope you did, too.

If you liked this video, raise your hand.  Just kidding!  You know I can’t see your hand, so leave a comment and tell me why you liked or disliked the video.


Good Blogs and Posts!

Hi guys!  Today, I invite you to take a look at some great bloggers and their posts. I have picked these blogs because they show a lot of hard work and time invested. The bloggers make sure only their best work gets posted on the Internet.

The first person I think has a really good blog is Christian (Bigfoots World).  He comes up with unique ideas and gives readers a lot to think about. For example, his bigfoot post made me ponder on whether or not bigfoot existed. Christian doesn’t write short posts with without substance. If you have some spare time and are looking for something to think about, then I would recommend reading Christian’s blog.

Another person who has nice blog is Jose ( Gaming World ). I like his blog because he also has many different topics that people can choose from much like Christian. I think it is smart that he has a picture for each post to catch peoples attention. His pictures caught my eye and made me want to explore his writing.

I also enjoy Reece’s  blog. He always leaves quality comments. I really like his post about Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.  I enjoyed the book, and liked comparing my thoughts to Reece’s regarding the story. If you are looking for great book reviews and an All about Animals blog, Reece’s blog is the one for you!

That’s it for now folks! WAIT!! I almost forgot the best blog ever… can you guess who has the best blog? Me!

This post was assigned by the Student Blogging Challenge by Mrs W.

How to get ODI Grips on Bars

To all the scooterers out there who can’t get their ODIs on their bars.

How to get you ODIs on your scooter bars.  What I did was I put a little dish soap on my bars. After that I had my dad squeeze the grips till they got on far enough.  Warning! Make sure you don’t put to much soap on or the grips will be slippery for a couple of weeks,  (my friend  put to much soap on and now 2 months latter it still isn’t firm). You can also use window cleaner to get your grips on but I don’t now how well it works.

Please leave a comment telling me if you have  a different way of getting ODIs (grips) on bars, and if you like scootering.


Edited by Max

Edited by Kyle

My Young Entrepreneur Fair

Ever thought of running your own business?

Hi guys (and girls),

I just made over $70.00 in the Young Entrepreneur Fair!

I was a little worried going into the Fair, but as soon as soon as I got into it I loosened up and started to have fun. At the end of the fair, I had 19 of my products left. You might think that I didn’t do very well, but I had made over 125 magnets, so in the end I sold over 106 of my magnets. If I had a choice whether or not to do this fair again, I would love to!

I’ve learned many things about being an entrepreneur. First of all, I learned you have to be really patient with customers. You need to let them take their time, and not rush them into a decision.  Also, I learned that if you talk about your product to your customers they will be more willing to buy your product, and not just walk off. If you get into an deep conversation with your customers, they may tell their friends about your product and their friends might buy some as well. What qualities do you think you need to be a good entrepreneur?

If you could run a business what would you sell? I would sell soccer gear. I think soccer items would sell well because in the Comox Valley soccer is a very popular sport.  Kids, teenagers, and adults all play soccer.  Soccer numbers are growing worldwide! I would try to sell my products at a low price so more people would be able to afford them. However, I would make sure that I purchased good quality products that would hold up well. I would also make sure I advertised my shop’s products so people would know where my store was located, and what my store was selling. If I owned a shop, I would be polite and helpful when assisting my customers.

Have you ever had good or bad customer service? Please leave a comment telling me about it.

Picture of Tie  by .faramarz